Sequencer - how to run it?

I’ve recently seen a lot of commits for sequencer on github.

Is there any magic switch that would allow to see how it works right now ?

I’m interested in this too.

I think it should be released in Oct, if I understand the Trello provision website… I think there are few of us who are interested in UE4 mainly as a cinematographic tool… and what if it could do some animation as iClone…!?

If you’re working in the master branch, you can go to the Plugins settings in the Editor, navigate to the Editor section, and enable the LevelSequenceEditor plug-in.

After restarting your Editor, you can go to the Content Browser and create a new asset of type Animations -> Level Sequence

Be warned though that we’re still working on it every day. It has some usability issues and some missing features. We also switched to Perforce streams this week, which means that the Sequencer team is working in their own branch now, and updates will only become available in the master branch every once in a while after they’re stabilized.

4.10 will have a preview version of Sequencer with the code from last week. in 4.11 we will roll out Sequencer more officially with many fixes, improvements, and some new features.

@ gmpreussner
Thanks for giving me hints and sorry for the delay in my answer. I am so new that I didn’t know what a master branch is… well I kind of found out that I don’t have the acces to and neither the sufficient knowledge:); I wait for 4.10 and better 4.11… and these releases come out so quick… thanks againg for your work… I believe in real time engine for cinema… Indies could have a great advantage in it.
BTW I am giving a try to 4.10

Looked into Embrional Sequencer; no much to do with the beautiful GUI seen around… but I think it is an embrion. Few thing are there… encouraging!