Sequencer: How to create RELATIVE Movie Scene Track?

Hi all,

When in the sequencer editor, you’re able to add a relative animation section to a track; or additive/absolute.

How can I do this in scripting?
The only function I can find that’s exposed just creates a section, with no obvious setting for whether the section will be absolute, additive or relative.

Perhaps what I’m looking for is a method or editor property on an already existing section?


p.s, I’m really looking to do this in Python, but python is built on BP, so it made sense to post this question here.

Unfortunately, it looks like there isn’t an exposed function for you to call. I’ve added a bug internally and will let you know when it makes it to a release.

Thank you, much appreciated!

Is there an unexposed function, i.e one implemented in C++? If there is, I can just create a caller function of my own…

Sure, it’s just in MovieSceneSection.h

SetBlendType(EMovieSceneBlendType::Additive) or whatever type.

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Perfect, thanks for your help!