Sequencer: Hitting assert in UMovieSequence::PostLoad in Cooked Build

Hello -

We recently upgraded to 4.27 from 4.26. We have a character Blueprint that has two embedded actor sequences attached to it. In a cooked Developmenbt build, when the game spawns an instance of the character, this assert in UMovieSceneSequence::PostLoad() is tripped:

    	if (FPlatformProperties::RequiresCookedData() && !EnumHasAnyFlags(SequenceFlags, EMovieSceneSequenceFlags::Volatile) && !HasAnyFlags(RF_ClassDefaultObject|RF_ArchetypeObject))
    		ensureAlwaysMsgf(PrecompiledData->FindDataID(this).IsValid(), TEXT("No precompiled movie scene data is present for sequence '%s'. This should have been generated and saved during cook."), *GetName());

Is this an assert we should worry about? Is there something we can do with the actor sequences embedded in our character Blueprint to fix the problem this assert is describing?


I also get this message, have you found some solution to this problem?