Sequencer for Cinematics - How to use Pose Assets on a Control Rig

Hi I am creating keyframe animations in the Sequencer for cinematics in Unreal Engine 50–no in-game/blueprint animations.

I have a Control Rig that works on a character’s bones.

I have the Control Rig on a track and can animate the Control Rig with keyframes successfully.

I am looking for ways to insert facial phonemes for the Control Rig that will be used repeatedly as an additive track overtop existing body animation.

I can pose the Control Rig and Bake the keyframes as Pose Assets (and Animation Sequences).

**However, I don’t know how to pull the Pose Assets or Animation Sequences back into the Control Rig track inside of the Sequencer. **
How do I do this?
Is there a better method for phoneme facial animations using Sequencer?

When I open the Pose Assets and Animation Sequence assets, the skeleton animates properly. But, when I pull the Animation Sequence into the Animation track of the skeleton in Sequencer, the animation doesn’t do anything (maybe because it was from the Control Rig? but, I can’t add an Animation track to the Control Rig track… only the skeleton track.)

Please help. I am only creating cinematics and would like a Sequencer solution.

Thank you.

Hello @ArtOfSunTzu1
I’m my case I did never try, and I don’t think I’ll do haha

But in the official documentation I saw how to use animation mode using poses within sequencer, take a look, hope it helps!

Hey alberto,

Thank you for the reply.

You’re right, the steps in the page that you linked are the closest information on the type of Sequencer work that I’m doing with Control Rigs. And, it was a lot of help.

Unfortunately, when I came across those methods in the documentation, I found that they don’t go into detail when building an advanced workflow for animations in sequencer.

There is very little documentation for non-game, purely sequencer, cinematic animations that jump between 1) keyframing, 2) animation sequences and 3) control rig poses/sequences on the same sequencer level. (for example, one pitfall for VFX animators is the understanding that control rig keyframes will overwrite bone sequence animations in the sequencer… ie. act as an absolute level vs. an additive level)

And there are few youtube videos covering advanced animations for non-blueprint, non-game, purely-sequencer workflows for UE Version 5.

Haha, maybe I should document my steps and record my own.

Thanks for the tip, alberto.

Welcome! and sorry, I can’t help you more using poses, I never even try to use them and I think I won’t haha

Not a bad idea at all to document your steps!!