Sequencer - FBX - Importing / Converting Cameras

Hello together,

I’m planning to use unreal engine for video production.

edit: solved my problem. was my fault.

But one thing is unsolved:
Is there a way to convert the cameras, that get imported with a FBX, to cinematic camera actors with animation from the fbx applied?
They are just regular cameras and do not have animation. I also can’t find an animation asset for the cameras.

thanks for reading.


Drag a cine camera into the scene, right click on the camera that came in with the fbx import and go to “replace selected actor with” > recently placed > cine camera actor, then just delete the one you dragged into the scene.

Hi guys, I’m facing a relatively similar issue, hope guys can help.

I imported baked animated cameras from Maya 2017 to Unreal 4.17.2 with Translate, Rotate, Focal distance and focal length animation. When I import the camera to the sequencer, I can see all the animated keys in all my channels but apart from Focal Distance and Distortion. I have tried to go back in forth with Maya and Unreal to find anything I must have missed, but I cant get unreal to read the Focus distance from the imported camera.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.