Sequencer: fade object

Hi everyone,

I would like to make an object disappear using Sequencer, but slowly and not abruptly. So far I have been using Actor hidden in game, but the it seems more like an on/off button.

Is there a way to do this not using blueprints, as with Sequencer I think I will get more control over the fade? Just a simple fade in/ fade out, like for example change the level of visibility like in 3dsmax or Opacity as in a Photoshop layer.

Many thanks


Hey @padieg , were you able to get this to work? I’m trying to do the same thing and I’m not certain on how to do it.
Thanks for your help.

Hi, no, still looking for a solution and still no joy.

Haven’t really used sequencer but this sounds like something you can do with a material on your actor. Use a parameter to drive the opacity from 1 to 0.

Thank you Waves, this is something I tried. But I still cannot find how to make it work in sequencer at precise time. Like the object stays visible on screen and at some point the material is triggered and the object fades out.

In the Content Browser, go to Add New and create a Material Parameter Collection, which can be found under the Materials & Textures advanced asset heading. In there, you can set up a custom scalar parameter and change the name and default value.

From there, drag the material parameter collection into the material of the object that you want to fade out. If the object has multiple materials you’ll have to do this for every material in the object. You’ll be able to select the parameter that you created in the details menu of the Material Parameter Collection, then plug the node into the opacity.

You can then drag the Material Parameter Collection into the Sequencer, select the parameter that you want to animate (in this case the opacity that you’ve plugged into the materials), and set your keys from 1 to 0. This should fade it out.


Thank you!!! That did the trick! I have been looking for this for months. You good sir deserve an award. Thank you for your help!


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Any way to fade out an Opaque material like this? If I use masked, it fades instantly and there is pop in on the objects behind it for a split second. Haven’t tried increasing the bounds. Just wish there was a simple way to make a translucent material that looks just like the opaque, yet fade out smoothly like you can a translucent material.

I too am trying to figure out how to fade opaque objects without dither

Thanks so much for this! Using it in 2021 when I was afraid of doing anything fancy like this.

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I hope I don’t get in trouble for reviving this but, I wanted to add that you have to make the material “Translucent” in order for it to work. It’ll act like an on/off switch otherwise. I’m not well versed in material knowledge but I figured if I would tackle this alone once, many others would too and I couldn’t get this to work until I did that. Thank you all the same!!

This is great, but I was wondering, how do you apply this to a Blueprint with a box collision with the On Component Begin Overlap? Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I’m a beginner and I’m trying to figure out how to fade out the opacity of an object while fading in another one. For example, in a first person setting, if the player walks over a very flat and wide collision box, that has to trigger one object to appear gradually and another to disappear. How do you do that on a Blueprint? So far I learned how to make an object move with a timeline event connected to a SetRelativePosition node. But I couldn’t find anything about opacity.

Super helpful, not sure how did I not know about this lol :smiley: