Sequencer exports jerky

Hey there,

first time trying to render out a video from Sequencer for a test scene i’m doing and im getting very jerky results, ie see here:

I’ve tried Scalabilty at 25%, i’ve tried AA at FXAA, I’ve tried AVI, PNG and BMP exports, I’ve tried

but the result is always jerky although when I play the level everything is smooth.

I have a GTX Titan Black, 32Gb RAM, Win7, UE4 (4.12.3), rendering to a SSD


Can you try to toggle off Force Fixed Frame Interval Playback? That’s been causing some issues and we’re investigating a fix for it in the future.



That was it Max.Chen!

Thanks a million!

But yes it would be good to get that sorted as it kinda threw me off being a newbee to Sequencer.

Sorry to bring this up again, but I started a new project and the jerkiness is back.

It seems to happen when adding a “Look at track” in UE4 with a Camera Rig Rail.

Here it is without a “Look at track” but on a Camera Rig Rail

link text

And here it is with a “Look at track” on a Camera Rig Rail

link text

And here it is with a “Look at track” but not on a Camera Rig Rail

link text

Am I doing anything wrong because I’m just following this process Camera Rigs | Unreal Engine Documentation

This issue is still present. I am using 4.14.3 and disabled that but the video output is still very choppy.

Hi twistedpancreas and KHM3dia,

Can you try on 4.16 preview and let me know if this is still occurring? If it is, can you send an example project showcasing the bug? You can attach here or PM me a link on the forums. If you PM me, please respond here letting me know.