Sequencer export werdly starts the game 150 frames in and ruins the movie

well thought i make a cheesy particle sim saying i love you to the girlfriend on a nice sunset beach cause that is just the type of man i am. my sequence works fine in sequencer but when i try and export to a avi it weirdly loads up he game and the third person character and takes the view away from my cine camera doesnt happen right away about 150 frames in. figure its a weird bug so thought id bring her up. So we can get her resolved so we can all make cheesy videos for the beautiful ladys in our lives.

ok I feel a little silly but Just incase someone runs into this simple mistake i will share my experince.
The issue i had is i forgot to drag my camera clip to the end point and when the camera clip was done it loads up the game and player character. I hope i can save a fella that can learn from my mistakes. keep on rockin ladies and gents!