Sequencer event trigger problem

Hi chaps, I’ve been learning UE4 for about three months and have made great progress creating some VR setups. Just trying to use it for motion graphics now, which I use fusion and motion etc for usually and it’s pretty cool.
I’m totally stuck on the subject of event triggers though… I’ve spent an entire day trying tutorials and following threads, but I just cannot get a simple way to add an event keyframe in a sequencer timeline to be available as a trigger in either a level or actor blueprint. Anyone got a basic way of doing this?
I think it changed recently, as a couple of the tutorials show you how to name a keyframe, but in V21 you just can’t. I’m loosing the will at the moment so any thoughts most welcome.

Same problem, i dont know how to fire my level events with this new system. But I know u can do it for any actor in timeline. You just need to create new binding for that event so it can pass input for that actor in it. And then, doubleclick on that event opens a window, where you can cast through that input for getting actor events to fire. One thing, yesterday my sequencer couldnt fire any events at all. I think the problem was I renamed it, couse the new created one works fine.

P.S If you didnt understand my english at all, try this video , and then read one more time)

Hey, Thanks for checking out the problem. Thats sent me in a new direction to experiment.
and your english is just fine!