Sequencer event repeater/trigger doesn't work

I have a simple dissolve material using Sphere Mask. I use a material parameter collection for the mask’s location and radius, and also hook these variable with a sphere actor location and scale.
It works well in Editor mode using Event Tick to check everyframe, but when I tried using custom event and call it in sequencer as an event repeater, it doesn’t work.
I have included my project file with separate cases on 2 levels. Please help :cry:

I’ve got the same issue. I have a Blueprint added as a track in my sequence, and the Event repeater does not fire at all.

Found a solution for me. In the Blueprint class settings, select ‘Run Construction Script in Sequence’. I think the repeater was working, but my Blueprint hadn’t created the objects I was using since the construction script didn’t run.

Indeed this works… Thank you so much :smiley: