Sequencer event firing in Level blueprint

Hey all,

The team I’ve recently joined is currently on Version 4.25 where I’m now learning Sequencer after using Matinee for quite some time.

In Matinee’s you could create an Event track and have a direct manager for those events in the level blueprint which made scripting level events easy and legible for others who were coming in observing the script, they too could also easily add events to the matinee.

In sequencer I’ve noted this functionality is no longer available from what I’ve looked up online and explored myself. Most topics on this direct me to using a blueprint Interface going through the sequencer director and then linking back to the level script. This all seems extremely unintuitive compared to the previous iteration found within Matinee.

So my question is, Is there a plugin, or direct way to actually have sequencer events representative in my level blueprint without jumping through 2 additional hoops by going through a BPI and Sequencer director to get events to fire off in my level blueprint as a sequencer plays akin to what Matinee had.

If not is this functionality planned at all in the future, as the current iteration is not designer / user friendly to me and others I’ve discussed with.