Sequencer does not record simple vehicle correctly

Im trying to record a sequence of the car in the blueprints simple vehicle starter project. It doesnt work how i would expect, its recording the transforms of the car movement but not the animation of the skeletal mesh.

Im following the instructions in the sequence recorder getting started guide.

  1. I select the sedan object

  2. add it to the sequence recorder

  3. press play

  4. press record and drive around a bit

When i look at the sequence it creates the wheels arent turning. It makes an animation clip which is in the sequence but its not being applied, when i look at the animation clip it shows the wheels moving.

Ive worked out that i can create a new skeletal mesh as a component of the car and apply the animation clip to it, However its a pain and I would like to understand why it doesnt work as i expect.

Why doesnt the assigned animation clip play for the sedan object?

I am having the exact same issue. Characters and vehicles record animations sequences fine. Character animation will play back in sequencer, however, vehicles will not play back animation. Vehicle will still transition through the scene but only as a static object as animation will not play back. The animation for the vehicle is correctly connected in the sequencer. The only solution I have found is to manually connect the animation in the details panel.

Same problem. Wasted hours google’ing this issue only found another thread with the same problem and no answers. Any update? Did anyone found a solution?

Anyone can help?

Ok this is still an issue, come on Devs please help here!
At least i’m not the only one with this problem, I thought I was going insane.