Sequencer does not recognize Cinematic Camera in Blueprint

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to create a Camera Blueprint wherein the Cinematic Camera contained inside the Blueprint can be used at the main camera in the Camera Cut Track in Sequencer . So far, Sequencer imports the Camera Blueprint like a regular actor, and I can add the various components of the Blueprint as tracks inside Sequencer (such as a mesh etc), but Sequencer does not ‘see’ the Cinematic Camera component inside the Blueprint as a usable camera for the Camera Cut Track. Cameras not contained in Blueprints work like normal, as in Sequencer can use them in the Camera Cut Track.

Has anyone else tried this same thing before and got the Cinematic Camera inside a Blueprint to work with Sequencer? If not, anyone have any suggestions on how to work around that?

The idea behind this was to create something like a prefab in Unity, where the Camera is placed in a certain location. Every time I want to have the Camera start from that position, rather than manually drag and drop the Camera into the scene each time, instead I’d just drag the Blueprint in, and the camera would automatically be placed where I need it.

That should work ok if you add the blueprint actor as a camera cut. I believe it just finds the first camera if there is more than one.

Here’s a screenshot of what I was able to set up.

But then, when you click on Render this movie to a video, it does not use the camera of the blueprint. Is only working with a camera in the level.

Seemed to work for me. Maybe something different in your setup? I just have a simple blueprint with a single camera and then a camera cut track that points to that blueprint. I rendered a movie and it viewed through the camera in the blueprint.

I was struggling with this for the longest time but figured it out.

You need to make sure the camera or the blueprint is bound to the camera cuts track. The camera cuts will then display the preview in the timeline and everything should work fine.