sequencer data, modify, reuse

Hi there, I want to make some plataforms, I can use sine and time for move my platforms, but I want more control over easing and things like that, so I was thinking of the sequencer…

  1. After making a “template anim” (say a transform at 0,0,0), and that from 0,0,0 to 1 z, then 0, then -1 then 0 (loop) but only Z
  2. attach it to diferent blueprint floors, which I can modify the elevation of going up and down (so acess the bezier curves inside?)
  3. if possible also change the time for the diferent indexed keyframes (counting my keyframes including the last for loop I have 4), so that I could make the first 3 keyframes in 1 second and make the last after 7.

And yeah it will only affect Z.

It would be like have instance anim (like materials have instance materials).

Or that is not how sequencer is used?