Sequencer Custom Render Pass/AOV jitter issue?

We’ve been having a lot of issues when rendering out AOVs from Unreal where the edges of the render seem to have jagged/jittery edges due to there being no Tonemapper applied.

Our current solution is to use custom Post Process Materials that have been set to appear before the Tonemapper and applying them to each camera. We then apply the following console commands at Being Play to remove the Tonemapper when in-game:

ShowFlag.Tonemapper 0

r.TonemapperFilm 0

These commands prevent any colour changes done by the Tonemapper, but ensures edges are smoothed out. This method has worked well however it means we have to either create a shot or game mode for each AOV we want, which is very time-consuming.

We would prefer to just use the basic “Custom Render Pass” export from Sequencer, but have yet to find a way to smoothen the edges (Composure is another option but we get the same issues). We have tried editing the Buffer Visualization materials and applying a game mode that has these console commands but it seems that this render setting exports them as a separate process.

Is it at all possible to smoothen them out in this option?

For anyone stumbling upon this in the future, I believe the Movie Render Queue addresses these issues because you get much more control over render quality.