Sequencer: Copy Bindings, Childs and Keys to another Level Sequence - Python

There is some method to copy an entire binding in a sequence to another ? I’m trying to use move_binding_contents() but all i get is a empty binding.

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I’m very interested in this question too,
I’m currently trying to solve this using LevelSequenceEditorSubsystem copy_bindings and paste_bindings methods, as stated here, but I can’t figure out how to specify the destination sequencer.
It also feels more like “driving” the UI to do what you want instead of manipulating objects.


Yeah, that’s correct, you want to use copy_bindings and paste_bindings. paste_bindings will paste to the level sequence that is currently open.

There’s a few nuances that the UI does that these functions don’t yet cover. For example, if you have a static mesh actor and also a static mesh component that belongs to it, you most likely want to gather both of those to copy. Alternatively, if you just want to copy the static mesh component, you could do that and then when you call paste_bindings, you need to specify which binding (ie. actor) you want to paste onto.