Sequencer copy and paste keyframes from one project to another - lose data after saving

Hi -

Using the sequencer a lot lately and sometime it’s necessary to take work from one project file and copy/paste keyframes in to another as multiple people are working on the same project at once. So, both project files have the same geometry and parent tree structure, just that someone as done additional animation work and want to reimport back to the main project.

The copy and paste works and in the main project you can play back the new animation keyframes, do other work on the file… all good. HOWEVER when you save all and exit the project and reopen the sequencer, the geometry is still listed in the sequencer but all the keyframes are gone. No errors reported, not warnings, just gone.

Realize this may not be the best workflow so any help here would be appreciated. It’s forcing us in to corners (probably of our own making) and slowing our production speed down. What’s the best way to do this if it isn’t some strange bug?

Thanks so much!

There was a fix for this recently where the copied tracks, would still be transient (not marked for needing to be saved) when you pasted them. This has been fixed and will be available in 4.21. The individual changelist is 4335875 if you’re able to copy that to your local build.