sequencer conundrum - multiple camera requiring light tweaks per shot

Maybe its cause Im a newbee at unreal but Im find it it a bit frustrating when Ive set up about 5 different camera moves/angle in sequence which require slight tweaks to the lights and fog Ive added.
This is creating a destructive result cause what works for shot01 doesn’t say, work for 02, 03 etc. If i move a light that works in shot1 to make it work better in shot02 it screws shot01.
The work around is to export each shot separately which I dont really want to do. If I move a light that works in shot 1 for the next shot in sequencer then I lose the light position will horrible results.

Its a exterior landscape scene wit a couple of characters at different camera angles. My Main light is also pointing from the suns position. But I need to add some softlight here and there for the other cuts.

I thought I could load the lights into sequence editor and control them from there but I cant seem to do that.

Any thoughts and Ideas are most welcome.