Sequencer clip not starting at the beginning in new level


so I am loading a new level and then play a sequencer clip, and for some reason the sequence doesn’t start at the beginning but always a few seconds into the clip (only in the packaged game, not in editor, in the editor it all works fine)

This does NOT happen if I tick autoplay, but then after it has played the player controls do not work (I guess it’s not getting the length from the reference for some reason I don’t understand), so I have to trigger it with “create sequence” in the level BP.

Here’s the BP:


And this is with the reference and autoplay which does not work:


Do you have any idea why this happens and why it does not happen with autoplay and how to solve that? Should I tick autoplay AND create the sequence in the level BP? I really am at my wit’s end. Tried with another sequence that’s only 5 seconds, it doesn’t even show because it’s over already when it is supposed to start.

Is it like media player, do you have to first rewind it?
you might have to put that blueprint in debug mode to see the firings of the pins.
The sequence node executes one thing at a time.

I don’t think I have to rewind it. Or do you mean I have to put it manually to the beginning if I have played it before in the sequencer edit window? Wow, that would be SO ridiculous.

I figured something out that works - create sequence player, put the blue output of this in “get length” (since the normal reference does not work), but NO play node, AND tick autoplay in the sequence itself.

I have no idea though if this is a good/clean solution.