Sequencer Character Animation in Multiplayer

We are working in a multiplayer environment where motion capture skeleton data is streamed to the server where the character is moving correctly. Also all clients see the movement since the character is replicated to clients.

After we do a recording of a mocap performance using Take Recorder & Sequencer, we can play the recorded data on the server (where the recorded sequence is stored), but the playback does not trigger the replication of the movements to the clients in a multiplayer setup.

A recording of other actors than skeletons works perfect and is replicated during playback if replication is ticked.

I assume the reason is, that the Animation is recorded in the Animation Blueprint and not as keyframes in the sequencer? So the Animation is not replicated to the clients.

Is there any way to replicate Animation Blueprint data of skeletons to clients (not by copy the take to the client and trigger the play of the animation)?

Hi , I have the same problem, did you solve it?

No unfortunately not.