sequencer - changing field of view during a shot

I have to create a single camera shot, I’m trying to change the FOV from 90 to 100 at a certain part of the sequence, I’ve added the keys in the Field of View track with the values but it does not seem to change?

Is there something I am missing?

Couple of questions:

Can you see the values changing at all when the sequence is playing? If you select the camera and make sure you have the FOV visible you should see it changing also you can see it changing in the timeline.

Did you set a starting key do you see the correct value at the beginning of the sequence?

Are you view the sequence through the cine camera during playback? It will not change the PIE cameras FOV.

I would need to see a screen shot of the sequence to help more, sorry.

I managed to get it working using the current focal length key, I had the minimum and maximum set to the same amount on the camera so when I changed the value in the key it made no difference, I just changed the cameras minimum and maximum to incorporate the values needed in my shots and it is now working.