Sequencer: change state of multiple objects simultaneously

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a possibility to do that. I remember seeing something similar in a webinar showing the upcoming features of maybe ver. 4.22 or 4.23.

Running version 4.23. After I add several objects to the sequencer timeline, if I have them all selected, I can add for example the “Actor hidden in game” track simultaneously to all of them. But how I can for example change their state too at once? I have all of them with their visibility On, and I have to tick on Visibility one by one on each object to hide them even if I had them all selected. Is there a shortcut for that? That would be really useful to work faster.

Thank you in advance

The top level object binding can have multiple objects bound to it. For example, if you animate your first object, you can select all of the rest in the world outliner and then right click on the one you animated in sequencer and choose Assign Actor->Add Selected.

Thank you Max, that’s great, I will try it!

And how about animating GroupActor? Why we cannot do that? Once GroupActor is added to Sequencer it does absolutely nothing, only its pivot is moving and that’s it! Would be great if someone from EPIC would finally explain this once and for all…

We haven’t looked into adding support for GroupActors in Sequencer yet. For the time being, I would suggest parenting your objects under another actor (either another static mesh or an empty actor should work fine) and animate that actor instead.