Sequencer can't be restarted

(Using UE5)

I have a streaming level with a sequence in it that plays in the background. At some point I hide the level (streaming level should be visible false) and when I later unhide the level I just cannot get this sequence to play again.
My node that set it to play looping fires, but the sequence itself doesn’t actually play, and seemingly nothing I do can get it to play again, or continue playing, or literally anything. Any idea what is going on?

It’s not just restarting sequences, NO sequences play once a level has been set to visible false and true again, even newly created sequences.
This seems to have happened between 5.0 and 5.1 (built from source).

Really annoying bug, this. I hope someone from Epic is aware and fixes it.

Basically, because turning “Streaming level should be visible” off and on Level Sequences refuse to play anymore.

I’ve “solved” it by, instead of spawning my thing in the persistent level and conveniently turning off the currently streamed level, I am instead actually loading a new streaming level to spawn my thing in, just so that I can unload and reload the previous streaming level, just so that my level sequences play properly. It’s hardly ideal, but it “works”.