Sequencer Cameras reset all recent changes upon saving level

I don’t know why this happens in nearly every cinematic/sequencer based project I do, but after spending a long time trying to get the camera settings just right near the end of the project, UE4 just wastes all that time the moment I save.

I think, oh man, just save the sequencer first, then do the level save.

Of course, makes sense.

Doesn’t work.

The moment the autosave happens or I save my level, all the cameras in the sequencer just reset all their settings to when I loaded up the project. This has actually happened across multiple engine versions too.
No idea what to do other than leave this for WAY last before rendering. Because the moment I save the project, it’s all gone.

And yet even more curiously, it rarely ever works as expected. No idea what’s causing this.
Another detail is that I brought a project that was doing that in the past into 4.22 and it still happened. (I think I saw the bug was fixed in the patch notes too)

A small workaround i’m doing is saving the keyframes of each of the camera settings. Although double-clicking to add a setting to the sequencer somehow makes the keyframe double effective, then triple if clicked again, and so on. This could probably break something.
The camera settings are still unclicked on every save and I gotta re-click them, but the settings stay. I just turned off auto-save about this weird problem.


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