Sequencer - Camera Tracking

I have been working on a level sequence, and have recorded gameplay with a blueprint actor performing the actions i want for the sequence. I then set up a camera rail rig, and attached a cinematic camera to it, and had it follow around where the recorded gameplay is.

I run into issues, when trying to use the track actor feature in the cinematic camera, for some reason the record gameplay feature, doesn’t apply the motion and animation keyframes to the blueprint actor i placed down into the level to record with, instead it places them on a duplicate of that actor. Now when i am editing the sequence i the camera will track this duplicate fine. However at runtime when i am viewing the cinematic, or when it is used as a shot within a master sequence, the camera will not track the duplicate.

Is there a way for either the camera to properly track the actor when the sequence is playing at runtime, or is there a way to have all the keyframe data from the recorded gameplay, be put onto the actual actor i place down in the level, as appose to this duplicate the sequence seems to make?

This still seems to be an issue in 4.20 - would be nice to see it fixed as it feels like something you’d want to do fairly often with recording and cameras…