Sequencer camera spins around after 180 degrees

As of version 4.22, this is still happening.

4.22… The Bug Remains the Same… I’am Dazed and Confused…

move the camera or mesh with the controls in the sequencer panel… not the screen translator, not the details panel… start from 0 and go thru 360 to 400 to 720 etc… its been awhile since i’ve done it, but it worked for me…

I can also confirm Using the animation curve editor you can go to higher positive value or negative it wont flip

Normalizing at 0-360 isn’t going to solve this. You run into the same problem again. Let’s suppose normalization was done at 0-360 and you key an angle at 350 and then you want to key a small angle change of +20 deg (370) but the hypothetical 0-360 method will normalizes you back to 10 and now you have a key frame 350 going to 10. Now you get a spin. You solved nothing with 0-360 and only pushed the problem out.

I am in 4.23 and this issue is still present when in the cinematic sequencer. My current work flow is to go into the curve editor after every camera set and delete the random 360 degree rotation on the Z axis that way. But it is very annoying and slows down work flow. Is it possible to attach the camera to a mesh of some kind and rotate that instead? I know I can do this in BP but can this be done in the cinematic sequencer?

It seems like there should be someway to have piloting directly mimic the controls in the sequencer. When orienting the camera with the sequencer controls the full 360 degree rotation interpolations don’t occur. So it seems like there should be a way for the math involved with piloting the camera to directly mimic the math that the sequencer controls use.