Sequencer camera shake

Hi guys,

Ive only been working with UE4 for a few weeks, but I saw something in the video here from Epic ( that caught my eye at 8:32 in the video.

I don’t see that available to use with my Cinematic Cam Actor in my scene? Is this out of the box in Ue4? If so, can someone point me to how to get this functionality? Keyframing imperfections in my camera movement is driving me nuts. I’d love to have this.

Ive attached a screenshot of what im talking about as well.

Thanks so much!


I find my self in the exact same situation… I’m not looking to do this in blueprint; just sequencer and it seems like this feature along with other new cinematic tools were only just previewed at GDC this past month?? (watched video without realizing the date/context) Potentially it will be in their latest update if not in the recent 4.15 (which I don’t see). Maybe i’m wrong…

Yes, it would be great to get a sense of how it works.