Sequencer camera setting

Hi guys.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug or I’m just doing something wrong but this is what happened to me.
I’m setting everything up in sequencer - camera, focal length, aperture and position. I’m adding key frames for all of them and because I’m still learning this tool I’m not doing anything fancy. I’m changing only focus distance. Transformation keys are set properly - first frame has the same values like 50th frame where the next key is. Problem is that camera should stay in the same position for that time but moves slightly down and go back to proper position. So I do additional tests adding keys on 25th frame and now between 1st and 25th frame everything is fine, no movement but unfortunately it moves on 26-50 . So I test it several times and suddenly discover that sequence where everything was fine now is messed up again. (After few minutes writing this I went back to play it again and… it works ok).
So I moved camera, just a little bit up. I changed also focus distance. During movement FS doesn’t change from 50 to 100 but going down to 15 and then up to proper value. In the moment when it’s going up there are no keys.

(Tested on Preview 3)

Hi Sygurd,

You’ll need to either mess with your animation curves (see icon in the toolbar to expand the curve editor) or change the interpolation mode for your keys. By default they are set to Auto, but for your case, you may want to set your first frame keys to “Constant”.

The curve editor will help you see how the curves for each track are actually changing based on the interpolation mode.


Hi .
I focused so much on weird and random behaviour that I didn’t even think about curves. After some modifications everything is playing great.
Thank You