Sequencer Camera missing parameters

Am trying to follow along a tutorial but in my Sequencer my camera is missing all of its parameters. I can manually add a Transform track to the camera but what about Current Focal length, Focus Distance and Aperture?

The attached should make this clear.

MissingCameraParams MissingCameraParams2

You have the Current Focal length, Focus Distance and Aperture parameters in the CIneCamera in your image. You can change the values where there is a line underneath. And when the CineCamera is selected all values are in the details panels. You can set the focus in details. Set keys to animate.

If this is just an image of the tutorial then make sure you’re using a CineCamera, not just a normal Camera. You can use the camera button in the toolbar of Sequencer to add a spawned CineCamera.

You have to select the cinematic camera and in the Details panel click on this icon 45f7b446b9281d8069d78b7a27d1cec5 next to the name of the values you want to expose to Sequencer.