Sequencer camera interupted by default camera

Hey all,

I ran into an issue with sequencer where it interrupts the sequencer by just snapping to the default camera (wherever it last was in the editor) without prompt. I’m just doing a simple fly through so there is no player input or a player controller at all. This only happens in play mode. It runs all the way through perfectly fine in the preview. I built the scene out of the FirstPersonExampleMap (which in hindsight might have been a mistake) so I deleted the player start and player controller because I didn’t need it. The level blueprint is completely empty. I have a feeling there’s something residual that’s causing this issue but I’m really not sure. Here’s some screenshots and a video of what’s going on. Any help is a appreciated–thanks!

VIDEO: Sequencer default camera interupt - YouTube

What does your Sequencer view look like (not the curve editor view)? Perhaps the camera cut track and the camera cut section on it is shorter than the length of your sequence (the red line in sequencer)? If that’s the case, just drag the camera cut section to the red line.

here’s a screenshot of my camera cuts section and it looks like the length of the sequence is the same as the camera cut section. Unless I’m reading it wrong?

Ah - turn off the curve editor (the button to the right of the fps pulldown menu) and you’ll see a different track view…let’s see what that looks like. There should be a box in the camera cuts track that is a thumbnail preview and it should extend to the red line.

I completely forgot the curve editor wasn’t the main view. Man that was simple haha. That was the issue! Thank you!

Great. Good luck with the rest of your project.