Sequencer camera in different position

Any idea what I could be doing wrong? After keyframing the camera position in one sequence, I create a new sequence and keyframe it in the second. When I return to the first sequence the camera position is off. It’s keyframes have been offset and it is not easy to place the camera back to it’s exact path.

I am placing keyframes for all camera positions and so I figured they would stay put. It has happened on several sequences now and is making it very difficult to iterate sequences.

I’m sure it is something simple that I am doing wrong, otherwise this would be a show stopper for Unreal.

what if you just spawn a camera for each sequence?

If you using the same level map and creating multiple level sequences, (shots) then you have to make sure changes are only to each specific level sequence.

When in sequencer set the edit mode (pencil icon) to Allow Sequencer Edits Only.
Any changed you make to that level while in sequencer will only apply to that level sequence.

I haven’t tested it yet - but this seems to be exactly what was turning my life into a nightmare. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Hopefully, that solves your problem.