Sequencer: Camera crane not animating in packaged build


When animating a camera with a crane it only works in editor (PIE or standalone game). When the game gets packaged for shipping the camera gets positioned at world origin, instead of moving based on crane’s yaw/pitch values.

I’ve attached a basic project that shows the issue text

Did some more tests and I think the issue is related to “Spawnable” feature.

If I just add the cine camera and the crane into the scene normally and have them be used as possessable the animation is played in packaged build.

But, if I drag a camera crane holding Shift key into the scene to have them be used as spawnable, no longer works in packaged build. Even if I convert them to possessable.

I’ll take a look. I’m wondering if the spawnables are getting mistakenly compiled out for packaging. We had an optimization to remove spawnables that aren’t used. Thanks for the sample test case.

Great! Thanks Max!

Ok, I have a fix. It will be coming in 4.18. The changelist is 3608629 in case you can compile the engine yourself. Thanks again for the repro case.

The issue will be available here: