Sequencer BurnIn setting {ShotName} on Nested Shots

Hello, I’m trying to use the BurnIn option for sequencer and have run into a snag. I’m am trying to have the shot number be burned in, as well as the sequence, but I am only able to get the sequences. I currently have my sequence shots laid out as follows:

[MasterSequence] > [Sequences] > Shots]

For example, MasterSequence>1000_OP>shot1010.

This way I can easily segment off the individual shots per their sequences and can have all of the shot specific stuff only effect their shots. The issue with this sort of nesting of shots is that when I render my full master sequence, only that first layer will be burned in. I believe that UE is only getting that first layer because the way that I have my sequence starting is that it plays the MasterSequence through the Level Blueprint. Because of this it seems like UE is only checking that first layer when doing the BurnIn.

I have been searching all day to no avail but can’t find any documentation on the BurnIn option, other than the two tutorials that Epic has provided.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get the BurnIn to get the shots and not just the sequence, or is there a way to get it to burn in the camera name?

Hi! I’m having the same problem now: Burnt in shot-names of subsequences & nested sequences - Cinematics - Unreal Engine Forums
I was wondering if you ever found a solution to his problem?