Sequencer bug??


I have a really annoying problem with sequencer…
Yesterday I felt almost finished with my project, I’m making an animation of our logo where everything is made of triangles and are supposed to move differently to eachother and then at the end our logo should appear.
My problem is that when I log out from my computer and open it again everything connected to the sequencer is flipped 90 degrees and scaled up like 10 times or something.
The movement in sequencer is also scaled and I have tried to scale it down and move it but it just jumpes back to this flipped state.
Cant undo anymore so have no idea how to fix this, probably something I did wrong… Just dont want to do it all over again as it took a lot of time to get this good. :frowning:
Could it be that I didnt drag the level sequencer out in the scene before loging off the computer?
If so can I get it to work again or do I have to start over?

Thanks in advance.