Sequencer attempt

Hello. Created this little sequence for sadisfy myself. Work is simple but i tryed to make it clean and nice to watch.

3d dance with character models from lineage 2 and dota 2 games

All “extra-materials” used in video (models,textures,animations,music etc.) are property of respective owners

I Wish all happy holydays and happy new year

Video below is not a full work but the best Fragment of it (in my opinion)

Music: Lindsey Stirling - Carol of the bells

Another try with sequencer. Here I am starting to learn some basics with camera/vfx/lighting

Always with lineage 2 stuff. So the content used in this video is a property of respective owners.

Majesctic Heavy Armor Set for Human Fighter model was a lil bit reworked

Original Animations from Lineage 2 game

Only walking animation is costum

All the scene is so low poly and paper-like also because this work was built on gtx 560 video card

Now I have gtx 970 and I will try to make more stuff

Please, if u have some suggestions for improvement/learning skills e c.c. Tell me all u think about it so I can improve my works.

Thanks for watching.

Also I’ll be glad to see your works or any other works/materials/video/tutorials affecting this argument (3d intros/unreal engine 4 renders/cinematics/trailers/“practise-for” videos)

Anything you want share I’ll be glad to see it.