Sequencer API and using custom Actors in Sequencer?

Hey all,

Does any reference or information exist on the programming side of Sequencer? Specifically I am currently tasked with two things:

  1. When adding tracks to Sequencer, I need to auto-set up certain things for the user, such as automatically creating keyframes of certain properties.
  2. Custom actor support. For example we have a custom Actor class, and want our custom properties to be keyframable inside Sequencer.

So I did manage to get custom properties to show up in Sequencer tracks. They need certain UPROPERTY attributes to work. So I got that working, but not sure how to actually respond to changes to those properties. Currently we use PostEditChangeProperty but that doesn’t seem to be firing when Sequencer changes the property.

EDIT: Actually in hindsight it isn’t even changing the property on the actor. It shows a value in the sequencer track but when I look at the actor in the scene, the property isn’t being set at all. So maybe I need to do more to connect it.

Still working on this. I can’t find anything different between my custom properties and other ones that work properly. Mine show up in Sequencer tracks and can be keyframed, etc. When scrubbing in sequencer it properly shows the values, but the underlying property on the actor never changes.

The other side of this which I still haven’t figured out at all, is how can I respond to an actor being added to sequencer to allow me to do some custom stuff, and how can I programmatically add keyframes. For example, we want to be able to drop a camera into sequencer and have its transform and other properties autokeyed base on metadata.

Really struggling due to lack of documentation (that I can find at least) and unfamiliarity with the code. Would be very helpful if I could get some help from someone who knows, or an Epic developer.

I found a method called PostInterpChange which I was hopeful would fire when an interp property is changed by sequencer. That is what it implies at any rate. But sadly this doesn’t seem to work either.

Hi John, did you ever figure out how to get a specific sequencer track, and add a keyframe to it? i am also struggling.

Guys if I understand correctly what you want to do you should look at TrackEditor classes in the engine and follow what they do (and maybe modify it to your needs). You can start by looking at BytePropertyTrackEditor class. Doing that I’ve managed to create my own track.