Sequencer, animBP and slot doesn't play on each mesh in an actor

Hello everybody !
I’m trying to use an animBP on a multi mesh actor with sequencer (through a slot named defaultSlot).
There are 4 meshes in my actor and they all use the same skeleton and the same animBP.

In the BP viewport, every things are fine.
The 4 parts of my actor use the same animBP, of course.
The default animation I set in the animBP is playing normally with the 4 meshes and there respective child components (neofur).


The problem appears when I set a custom animation in the “defaultSlot” slot.
The animation is set normally for the parent mesh (Louve_body) but is ignored by the 3 child meshes (and obviously, by there respective child…).
The 3 other mesh stop playing the default animation either… They return to the ref pose, as they have no animation to play at all.

I manage to play the animation on every part of my actor by setting the them to use animsequence and by setting this animSequence on each part with the sequencer… But I have some more complex actor and I really wish to use the animBP for them.

What did I do the wrong way ?
I try different hierarchy inside the actor…

BTW, how do I change a slot name in animBP ?

I manage to get it to works by setting my custom animation to each part separately in sequencer !


But it’s very inefficient. I alter the playrate of animations in sequencer, I think about using additional animations…
If I have to set all this 4 times (more with other actors…), it’s… unpleasant :slight_smile:

So my question changes a bit :
Is there a way to drive every parts of a multi meshes actor in one instruction in sequencer ?
Maybe something like we had in UDK in witch we can assign several meshes to the very same (and only) skeleton and drive each part by driving only this skeleton.

Don’t have each separate skeletal mesh use the same animation blueprint. Instead, only have the Mesh component use the animation blueprint and have the others with “Use Custom Mode” for animation mode.

Then, inside blueprints:


Yeah !
This is an old question but I still need this :slight_smile:
Thank a lot Olathuss !

You are welcome. BTW, it won’t appear that the animations play on other meshes in the sequencer until you render the video. This is annoying, but this is the only way I can see it working besides applying each animation to each mesh inside the actor.