Sequencer animation

i’m learning Unreal engine and how to use sequencer but i can’t find some tutorial where it it shown in all its features… do you know where to find some complete tutorial?

i’ve done this video with it:

but i don’t know how to use it properly and how to use correctly the mixamo animation to create some fluid connected animations and how to attach weapons in the hand of a character.

sorry for my english, i’m italian.


for now all they have is documentation…

i hope they decide to make an in depth video tutorial too, but for now this is still a new tool…

In this vid they talk a bit about sequencer.

thanks guys! do you know how to export the animation from mixamo like the walking animation but “in place” so that the character won’t move forward during the animation ?

if i understand you correctly… right click the mesh model you want, and “migrate” its assets into your project, then the animation you want…

from there all you have to do is drag the animation into your map, and the model will just walk in place without moving…

in order to make it move it would need a path… don’t give it a path…

i’ve found the way to play the animation “in place”, but thanks :slight_smile:
if you want to see i’ve made some other videos:

very nice… much better than my humble beginnings…

so it is recording sound too?.. that means that if i could ever get record to work right i wouldn’t have to do any outside editing at all… well i hope anyways :slight_smile:

really i don’t know… when i exported the videos they were totally soundless, i’ve added the sounds with movie maker.
i don’t know if is it possible to record sounds too in sequencer but maybe yes, i think


hi! do you know if i can use assets from ARK (from epic games) to make this kind of videos?

Which is the Blueprint node I need to use un Level Blueprint to Start a Sequence?

I also have the same question as LCDLV - I have my sequence hooked up as below in my level blueprint, but can’t get it to play when i click ‘left’. If I enable autostart on the sequence however it does work when I jump into game…


Any help would be appreciated

i don’t know… i’ve just exported the video from sequencer

I found the way! And I have another question… My game is multiplayer and Sequence aren´t syncronized… Matinee are sync by default… Some know something about it?

@LCDLV will try that later - does that ‘Play’ node still exist in 4.12 though? As I looked yesterday and couldn’t see it…

Nevermind, got it! I wasn’t linking out of the level sequence node, so the play node wasn’t listed for me, found it now, cheers

Also interested in this info, thanks.

hi! do someoe knows why sequencer doesn’t load textures from time to time? like at 1:00 here: