Sequencer - animation won't stop when trimmed

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a Level Sequence and add a skeletal mesh to it
  • Add an animation track and some animation (a long one is better to see the problem)
  • Trim the animation before it’s actual end time (I wanted to use the ending just for another shot)

Expected result

  • Animation being paused at trimming time (as it is in editor)

Actual result

  • Animation keeps playing until the end in PIE and when exporting movie.

My setup

  • UE 4.14 preview 2, launcher version
  • My animation was authored in 3Ds Max 2017 by moving some meshes, all children of a single, non-animated root. It’s not skinned to a .
  • The Anim track is cut several times in between (leaving empty spaces) to pause at specific parts of the animation for some time.
  • Mesh is part of the level, not spawnable.

Tried (none worked)

  • Created event track and called a function to stop the animation. Confirmed function was getting called, though animation kept playing 'til its end.
  • Removed animation asset (clear option) from SkeletalMesh in Level.
  • Leave the animation uncut inside a subsequence and cut the subsequence itself. The results were even worse (another bug): in editor it plays as expected, but in PIE and movie export neither the anim stopped playing nor the pauses in between were respected. The animation kept playing when it should pause and went back to continue from where it should have paused when the track started again on the timeline, giving it a stutter feeling. At least the pauses in between were respected when I cut the Anim track directly.


Authored 2 animations, separating the ending from the first animation. Left the in between cuts (for pauses) directly in the Anim track, as they are respected there.

Hey RVillani,

I’m having trouble reproducing this in 4.14. When you say “trim”, you mean modifying the end time of the animation in sequencer, right?

Thanks for your time, !

Yes. I trim by going to a time before the end of the animation, right clicking it and selecting trim right. Or sometimes I press Ctrl+/ to split it at the current time and delete the right piece afterwards.

This is what I’m doing

The last animation track, at the bottom, is the animation length without any cuts, to make it clear what I’m doing. Also, the last piece on the right is right-trimmed before the actual end time.

Hey RVillani,

I’m still not able to repro this. Just to be clear, you aren’t leaving that full length animation at the bottom in when you try to play the sequence, right?

Can you reproduce this in a Third Person Template project? If so, would you be able to send it to me? You can upload to drive/dropbox and PM me a link on the forums.

Hi Rvillani,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will follow up.