Sequencer Animation Layers

Hey all, I’m pretty new to sequencer and I’m looking to replace my ancient Motionbuilder license with UE. Control Rig looks great, but I can’t seem to find a way to animate with a layered workflow like in MB or Maya or Max’s CAT. I want to author animations by additively editing motion capture. How can this be accomplished with Sequencer?

Take a look here: Blending Multiple Transform Tracks | Unreal Engine Documentation
You might also be interested in these features for blending root motions: Non Linear Animation with Blending Tools | Unreal Engine Documentation

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That’s extremely helpful @Max.Chen , thank you! So it seems that additive tracks can be added to the Control Rig track by clicking the +. Very simple and works just like I’d expect. I don’t know why it’s been so difficult to find this information :smiley:

One more question then, do you know how I can enable the trajectory path for individual control rig controls in the viewport as illustrated in the image here?

Nevermind, sort of a dumb question. Seems like this is the full trajectory of the actor, not specific channels or Control Rig controls. Doesn’t seem to work like that :slight_smile: