Sequencer animated geometry not visible!?

Hi, I have a raytraced car scene with an HDRI and have imported a Datasmith .fbx animation (with geometry) of a short drive-in, stop and then drive out. The animation and everything else works great and I can scrub through the sequencer timeline no problem watching the car come in along with animated camera movement. However, when I try and render this as a .png movie sequence the car isn’t visible…only the HDRI dome back ground and a few props!? Even though I’m not running this in-game so to speak I checked and played in game and also in this situation the car is NOT visible!? …which is why, i guess, it’s not visible in my sequence render?

Why is this happening when the general working viewport is fine. I’ve checked all the usual hidden in game stuff and it’s all ticked on etc. Ive been trying to get this to work for days now so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

if you press simulate play mode and the car doesn’t show up
it may be in it’s own level, and you don’t have that level set to load

Ok cool, How do I set the level to load?

in the levels panel, you can get level details, and then turn on initially loaded initially visible