Sequencer Anim blending/Anim slots

I am loving sequencer and excited to get back functionality that was removed from matinee. The main one is the ability to blend animations together.

It seems this is not supported yet in sequencer and I’d be curious on an ETA on Animation track blending or correction if it exists.

Also it seems that there is a bug that having multiple animation tracks with each anim set to different slots is not supported. It seems it stops playing one track to play the next even though they both continue.

Hello Bryce,

Thanks for the feedback. We do plan on animation blending as well as simple posing. Unfortunately, it’ll be a few months before we start working on this.

I’ll see if I can repro the multiple animation tracks with different slots and get back to you soon.

Great to hear! Thanks Max

Hi Max,
Is there a place we can request specific features for this? To do any sort of volume of cinematics with sequencer will require being able to break animations down to their component parts and be able to easily recombine for variety. In particular, we would ask for:

  • A contribution/weight track on each anim that would allow curves to define percentage from 0->1 that the animation is used on the skeleton (this would be useful as a general purpose thing for any float track btw). This is useful both for cross fading between anims, but also so you could play smaller versions of a gesture animation for example.
  • A time track on each anim (from 0->1) to allow the animation time to be driven directly by a curve for ease in playing backwards, forwards, faster speed, etc.
  • The ability to mask an animation to particular parts of the skeleton.
  • Each animation to have its own track with priority settable. This would allow a mixing scheme such that if any particular bone had full contribution/weight from higher priority animations, it would ignore the lower priority animations, but if there was some weight left, it would interpolate between those animations in a weighted way. By the way, priority would be a useful thing for all tracks. This would allow clearer definition between local tracks and tracks in embedded cinematics.

Obviously, the reply to this comment is not the ideal place to put this. If you want to have further discussion about these requirements, or if you would like me to put this in a separate place, please shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.


Hey Bryce,

I wanted to add that we have a couple bugs in for this. UE-19954 and UE-30506.

-Matt W.

Hi David,

If you post a new question in the UE4 section with a list of requests, we’d be happy to discuss them with you there. We usually like to gather details about the requests before entering them and I’d rather not derail this thread.

-Matt W.