Sequencer and previewing morph target (blendhape) animation

Hi all!

I would like to know if it is in any way possible to see the effect of morph target Sequencer keyed animation while scrubbing (and editing) through Sequencer.

Currently the only way I can do so is by running the game (or PIE) only. In doing this, I have to run the game over and over if I want to sync or adjust positioning and I was hoping there was an easier way.

As I understand it, I must create a skeletal actor and assign the morph animation float parameter to a tick, expose it to cinematics, then set that parameter within Sequencer. I believe that because it’s driven by tick, I can only see it in game.

Is there by any chance an alternative method of designing the construction script where I could see the effects of the morph targets while editing in Sequencer?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Edit: I’m using UE 4.13 preview version with integrated Gameworks (Galaxyman build)

Edit 2: I was just informed over the UE discord channel of this link and will look into it :slight_smile:

Edit 3: It seems the issue linked above refers to a prebaked animation, and not one that is controlled via Sequencer keying, so the problem remains as stated above.

Edit4: This has been kindly entered for me by UnrealMattW:

I am looking for a solution for this same problem. Did anybody find a way around the tick restriction?