Sequencer and existing levels

For our game we are creating a recruitment trailer and this will be used for a game trailer #1 footage also.

We have a huge level (3x1 16x16km levels world composited) with lots of meshes with heavy LOD usage. Should I duplicate ALL this data for th elevels (about 1000mb for the terrain chunks) which is on source control or is it reccomended to add these seqencer setups on the existing level in this case?

Im watching some sequencer how-to videos and going through the ‘Sequencer’ project but it seems so far people are using specific levels for sequencer only which I could do but Im going ot have 3-4 scenes in this one level including a flyover/flyby etc. and that would be a ton of data to put on perforce.

TLDR: Let me know if I can add the sequencer stuff to my persistant level withouta ffecting gameplay or I haveto duplicate the level or create new ones?


Edit2: I can do most of it by calling custom events in the levelBP that will only be used during a sequence it seems but I have a pawn in the level that I’d like to transform via sequencer and view with a cinecamera instead of the game mode pawn, but still be able to use this level for regular gameplay, is this possible or will that actor always play that transform when I go to PIE and will the sequencer camera tracks always play in PIE or only in the level sequences’ pie?
Edit: is there an overview of level sequence vs master sequence I cant find any in hte documentation, basically I only want to play this sequence for exporting or when not playing in very specific cursumstances but have the sequnce still there available to edit edit at anytime without changing the actors, removing/adding emitters, changing post processing in the level for gameplay etc.
It seems a ‘Spawnable’ is what I want to use? Can I create a spawnable of any type of actor ie pawn, character, particle system, camera track etc.?

Looking through the sequencer example project it seems like you need to create an entire level for every sequence intead of just setting up keyframes for actors in an existing level and only playing that sequence when you want, otherwise playing the game as usual on that level skipping any sequencer actors and data.

So after watching some youtube “tutorials” (not much out there) and doing some playing I was able to get a little sequence gonig with two cine camera cut roughly but its not how it was when I first played with it in 4.12-preview1.

Any suggestions for tutorials? I’m quite lost here for once.

It appears my biggest issue, exporting the camera tracks I did figure out was failing becaue of this Capturing video fails on root drive - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

Now I’m slowly getting the hang of single camera tracks and trying to get the camera cut workflow down.

If anyone has any suggestions for youtube vids for other parts of sequencer like doing recordings, adding anim/sounds, and espeically calling custom events from the level BP or a seperate class let me know!