Sequencer alembic geometry cache track mystery


In sequencer when I add an actor ( alembic point cache geometry) and then click the +track I see geometry cache component and add that. Then I click the plus on the GeometryCacheComponent track and choose “running”
This gives me a track with a green line. However when I play the timeline no animation on the actor. It all works in the engine when I hit the Play button. I fell like I am missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated. We are hoping to use Unreal and sequencer for a upcoming project.


I’d like to add that this is also a problem with 4.15 when trying to key the offset as well, when changing it outside of the sequencer it does update the cache in the viewport. It seems the best use of the geometry cache in UE4 would be for in-game cutscenes or offline rendering.


any solution have same problem


I did learn that when you add a geometry cache " running" track in sequencer it does all work when you render the sequence. You just can’t scrub the timeline and see anything happen in the editor. I think Epic is aware of this but see it as a lower priority bug fix. I suspect it will be fixed sometime in the next few releases. A small inconvenience for all this great capability. :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on this issue?
I have an alembic geometry cache playing in the timeline when the simulation is activated, but I have no control over when the cache begins. It just plays on a loop. I’ve tried keying a Running track, Auto Activate track, and Spawn track, but I can’t get it to sync. Is it possible?