sequencer adding effects


I’m currently setting up some shots in sequencer.

I have some questions :

If add a ExponentialHeightFog to my shot, is this only affecting my shot.
So basicly everything that I dragg or adjust in my shot is going to be affected in the timeline?
Is this correct?

Another problem is have is I have a smoke/dust Emitter running, but when I render
frames out in my shot as (Jpg), it doens’t render the smoke at all. I have setup warm-up time 100 frames.
also frame range between 100-110. Nothing :frowning:

The emitter (smoke) is not in the shot, but its working in the editor view/shot camera.

Thanks in advanced.


Add emitter to sequencer.
Enable particle toggle track. play around with “deactivate” and "trigger in the track.

i have never added EHF(too lazy to type) to have it effected in sequencer. It will be rendered.

Thanks PickersZ… I didn’t know this. I’ve tried, but no luck as of yet. Do you perhaps see anything wrong om time/key line? I have tried rendering in the Active and Deactive state.
Also did trigger, but some is not rendering.

Get rid of the exponential Height fog in sequencer as it should render correctly in sequence video without any problem.

i dont have luck with “activate”. I have tried with success by “deactivate” it in the start of the timeline and “trigger” it when i need it at a specific time. These particles seem to trigger at the start which i have not idea why or how to prevent this in the cascade, except to deactivate it at the start of sequence as mentioned earlier.

I could be wrong on this but particles dont seem to trigger again until their cycles end. You could test this out.

Thanks PickersZ, I gave it another try . I saw some good tut on youtube, but that didn’t do the trick as well. I’m still 4.24.3 The strange thing soome other shot i made the particles are rendering.
I created new shot with camera, but nothing. perhaps within few days or so give another go :slight_smile:

Hello PickersZ,

Ive got it kind of working, but I think its something to due to the P_emitter I was using. I’m still trying to understand how sequencer works… Can you also add Emitters or eg… exponential fog to your sequencer that only affects the shot it self? Is this correct? and not the whole scene. Or does the camera in shot only picks up whats in view? I’m still on 4.23.3 not sure if there are any bugs. Thanks in advanced.

Emitters will be captured in the view of the camera while exponential Height fog is a global thingy. The fog does have key frame-able properties. So assuming if you want the fog to appear in one camera view and switching to another camera view without the fog, you should be able to add the fog in sequencer and keyframe these properties in the timeline.

if you are going for localized fog effect then you need

Thanks so much for your’re kind help. I appreciate it alot. I think I have better understanding now how it works :slight_smile:

Hi PickersZ,

I have posted more information about my progress and issues.