Sequencer 4.11.1

I was watching the livestream on the new Sequencer. Exploring Sequencer | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

It looks like many of the tools are still not available in 4.11.1. I was looking for the Cinematic camera, viewport, ect. I’m assuming these aren’t available yet probably in 4.12? Thanks.

Definitely missing in 4.11.1, I was reading this in the docs and couldn’t find it anywhere when I wanted to check it out today.

It’s weird though, says sequencer is 4.11 in the title. And I’m pretty sure I saw it in the menu above the viewport in preview 8

I found out from @num3ric where you can turn on the plugin(which is still in beta)

Link here

Plugins → Editor → Level Sequence
Editor (check Enabled)

[EDIT] Lol… I watched the video and it showed exactly how to enable the plugin… I apologize.

I completely misundertood your question and thought you were not able to find where to enable sequencer like I was… Again, sorry lol…

So… my answer was wrong. Converted to comment