Sequence Vs Daisy Chaining

Was just curious when you have a single event update multiple nodes during a single instance. Which way is more efficient, If I wanted something to fire almost simultaneously. And is one way better then another when updating multiple values or does it vary on circumstance?

For example a timeline that updates multiple float values as its running.

Then wouldn’t sequencing be a bit slower just because of the extra node that then has to distribute the sequence? Or no?

It doesn’t matter. Daisy-chaining exec pins/wires and using the Sequence node will have the same performance and execution characteristics (one at a time). They will all appear to happens instantaneously as far as your game is concerned, because nothing else will be happening while your Blueprint code is running.

Blueprint can do a small optimization to the nodes when you click compile. There should be no measurable performance difference between daisy chaining and using a sequence node. You should use whatever makes your Blueprint easier to read and edit.

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Cool good to know, thanks for the info and help.