sequence skeletal mesh disappears when rendering or play button , visible and animated normally in viewport- UE-5

hi everyone, im using UE5, when using sequencer my skeletal mesh is visible and animated normally with mixamo animations, when rendering or play button is activated it changes location to its or original location outside the sequencer and it loses it physical shape.
note: this problem appeared out of sudden worked normally before while rendering, one day it happened after messing with some settings of the mesh.

check if all the levels are loaded in properly?
check the boundscale maybe?

i only have one level. where can i check the boundscale, excuse im only 3 months in unreal

boundscale is on the skeletal mesh

i worked it out i reimported the mesh and assigned it in the sequencers, however when play is on this happens to the hair, hair is done with clothpaint in unreal

this without play being on