Sequence rendering - frame delay doubt

Hi all, first time posting in the forums so please let me know if this is the wrong thread/place for this topic.

My question is pretty basic, I am trying to render out a sequence from a scene with animated meshes (people and animals walking) and using Ray Tracing features which take a second or two to settle and denoise.

If I use the “delay frame” option in the sequencer it makes the animation on the meshes (people and animals) continue in real-time during that delay as well, which ends up in a non-consitent animation after all frames have been rendered.
I tried the “delay before shot warmup” option as well but it doesn’t seem to be what I need as the Ray Tracing effects are still noisy on the end result frames.

Is there any workaround for this? Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Can I somehow delay the frame without the animated meshes running in real-time?

Thanks a lot in advance!


I just realized that I can set up the frame rate to be lower than 1fps so I guess this is what I was looking for (i.g: 1/5 fps). I’ll give it a go.

the settle for ray tracing should almost instant

sounds like you’re rendering with path tracing? which is more like a reference I think in it’s current state. there’s no stopping using that to render though.

How do you do that?